Saturday, January 29, 2011

Replays in Swarm Arena

DG_Simon says, "Enjoy replays."  And we are!  I'm already loving the new replay feature.  For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, the wonderful developer, with his "ask and you shall receive" attitude, has recently added a replay feature which saves games (both custom and ladder) automatically into a folder.  I said games, not matches, because it actually saves each individual game!  I was somewhat frustrated when first playing and learning the game against a friend of mine, and we had to wait until the end for discussion.  By then, we usually forgot what the actual issue was, and we'd just play another game.

This feature is going to allow us to do a number of things.  First, everyone can better analyze specific games to see what went wrong and what worked out.  I highly recommend resisting the urge to watch your own player and instead focus on your opponent's play.  I'm already learning from Pikaaa's replays.  Second, I'll be able to more easily post compilations of games and plays (see below!).

Video includes games of all different settings!

Lastly, TOURNAMENTS.  We finally have the ability to monitor who wins and who loses a match that we didn't actually play.  I can also post the tournament matches so that people can watch them.  I'm even willing to shoutcast games to add to the excitement.  I'll be posting shortly about signing up for a tournament.  It will be a small one, but I think we can all have quite a bit of fun.


I hope you enjoyed the compilation.  If anyone has any specific games they'd love to see online, let me know about it and I'll do my very best to upload them here.  I'm interested in experimenting with some shoutcasting, but I feel weird shoutcasting my own games!  Help a brother out.  I have to watch the Global Starcraft 2 League (GSL) finals now.

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