Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pikaa (#1 on Ladder) vs. Evilmeat Showmatch

I am proud to bring you the world's first Swarm: Arena show match.  I'm honoured to have Pikaaa, the world's current #1 on the ladder, do battle against me (Evilmeat) and allow me to record it so that the community can see some top-level play.  Enjoy!

Green: Pikaaa
Red: Evilmeat

Notice the different styles of play: Pikaaa, always solid and controlling the centre, and Evilmeat, tending to be forced to use Shoot and Circulate more wildly to gain an advantage.  (hint: play like Pikaaa!)

(Note: Currently without sound until I figure out how to get sound only from the machine and not the microphone.  If anyone has an idea as to how this can be done, please let me know! You don't want to hear me hammering on the keyboard...)

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